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Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard, Inc. is an award winning, family owned and operated custom cattle feeding facility in Western Oklahoma. Our focus is to help our customer gain the rewards of feeding their cattle. We do this by helping our customer produce a quality calf or yearling to send to the feedyard. Through our in-house marketing expert, we offer marketing management to help protect the producer's investment.

At Cattleman's Choice Feedyard, we are known for our individualized customer service and cattle handling and feeding expertise. We strive to supply a safe, quality product that provides a great eating experience for the consumer and profit for the producer.

Manager Spotlight

As founder and general manager of CCFI, Dale Moore prides himself on the individual attention and services he and his team provide their customers. Before founding the feedyard with his wife, Mary, in December 2000, Dale spent over a decade working in the cattle feeding business, doing everything from washing tanks to riding pens as a cowboy. It was at a smaller feedlot in Kansas, where he served as operations manager, that his passion for a hands-on approach to customer service began. From there, he grew a 500-head Missouri operation into a 3,000-head finishing yard in one year. While things were going well there, he learned about an opportunity to put his passion for customer service into practice in Oklahoma, and he couldn’t pass it up. Covered in weeds and in serious disrepair, the property where CCFI now stands was no pretty sight. With Dale’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit, it has become an award-winning and technologically advanced 7,500-head feedyard. And yet, if you feed your cattle at Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard, you will probably meet face-to-face with Dale Moore and will definitely get the same one-on-one attention you expect from your favorite family-run businesses.

Feedyard Performance

According to the U.S. Premium Beef (USPB) quarterly benchmark report for the second quarter of 2010, more than 80% of CCFI’s fed cattle graded Choice or better.

Dale, Mary, Jennifer, and Jill Moore

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