What are the options for cattle ownership at the feedlot?
There can be a range of cattle ownership options at the feedlot.  The percent ownership can range anywhere between 0 and 100%.  Retained ownership refers to cattle that are ranch-owned through the feedlot investor.  Shared ownership can be any combination of ranch, feedlot or independent on health, performance and   
carcass quality.

How will I pay for feeding cattle?

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Cattleman's Choice Feedyard, Inc.

Be realistic on what your calves are worth and how you think they will perform in the feedlot and on the rail.  At CCFI, we will help you sharpen your pencil and estimate some "break profits" to determine a reasonable profit.  We will also present your specific cattle to the most logical and profitable type of market to bring the highest possible return for your cattle.

Many feedlots take on banking functions - financing cattle, feed, transportation and other expenses - at competitive interest rates with no payments due until finished cattle are sold.  At CCFI, we offer a host of financial options, including financing your feed.  Direct purchase options exist with some feedlots with negotiated incentives based.

What are my profit expectations?